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The Great Halifax Milkshake Search – Darrell’s Restaurant

Darrell's RestaurantHow can you have a search for the best milkshake in Halifax without going to the location that has been voted as “Best Milkshake” by the readers of The Coast every single year since 2008? I have to be honest…I hadn’t heard of Darrell’s Restaurant until the past couple of years when I realized that they were not only voted Best Milkshake, but also the Best Place to Eat Alone, Best Veggie Burger and Best Burger in Halifax 10 years running! That, my friends, is a pretty impressive resume.

So I made my way downtown to Fenwick Street and swung to the front door. Darrell’s isn’t a huge restaurant, but it’s different and unique. I enjoyed the large chalkboard wall/menu/advertising space. I found myself reading it while waiting for my shakes to arrive and looking forward to my next trip when I would inevitably try some of the menu items.Darrell's RestaurantShakes? As in plural?? Yes, I had to get TWO different milkshakes on this day. With all of the hype and hoopla on Twitter about Darrell’s milkshakes, I simply couldn’t risk having one shake possibly let me down. I had to make sure I gave them a fair shake.

Heh…see what I did there?

I was given not only large glasses filled with creamy, frothy shake…but I was given whatever was left over from the metal cups that the shakes were made in. By far, this was the most amount of milkshake I have received since beginning this search.

Darrell's Restaurant

Alright…without further ado here is how the milkshake ranking is broken down for Darrell’s Restaurant:


Some people like thin shakes. I, for one, prefer a thicker shake. While not the thickest shake I’ve ever had (it was a really hot day), I was impressed with the ice cream to milk ratio. The straw didn’t stand on the very top of the shake, but it certainly took awhile for it to slide down.

Final score: 7/10


As I mentioned, I wanted to get two milkshakes just in case I didn’t get the “full flavour” from just one. I got a classic vanilla shake and then a chocolate peanut butter shake (highly recommended on Twitter). The vanilla shake was good. Was it great? No…but it was tasty and I enjoyed it. I was then a little bit taken aback when drinking my chocolate peanut butter shake. Why was it crunchy? Wait…was this made with crunchy peanut butter??

I asked my server if the shake was made with crunchy peanut butter and he said “Yes” with a big smile on his face. My only concern was that I wasn’t told that when I ordered it. I mean, I like to drink my shakes…not chew them. It wasn’t a bad thing necessarily, but it’s something the customer should know before drinking it. The flavour was definitely there…I just didn’t love the crunchy bits. While it might be up some people’s alleys, it just wasn’t my particular thing.

Final score: 7/10


The price of an award-winning milkshake is expected to be higher than most of the competition. In this case, I don’t find anything wrong with paying $5.19 for that calibre of shake. It wasn’t the best deal in the city, obviously, but it wasn’t over-priced considering I received quite a bit of shake.

Final score: 7/10


Darrell's RestaurantMy fourth attempt at finding Halifax’s best milkshake ended up with a score of 21/30, which actually places it one point below the milkshakes found at John’s Lunch in Dartmouth.  At the end of the day, I absolutely enjoyed my shakes…as you can tell from the photo on the right. Is it the best shake in Halifax? I guess it’s really a personal preference…but it’s not in terms of my ranking.


1. John’s Lunch, Dartmouth – 22/30

2. Darrell’s Restaurant, Halifax – 21/30

3. The Westcliff, Halifax – 19/30

4. Cow’s, Halifax – 18/30


If you’d like to find out more on Darrell’s Restaurant, you can find them at the following:

Darrell’s Restaurant website

Darrell’s on Facebook

Darrell’s on Twitter

Darrell’s on Instagram


Great Halifax Milkshake Search

The Great Halifax Milkshake Search – John’s Lunch

John's LunchI wanted to make sure that the Great Halifax Milkshake Search was all encompassing. I mean, with the changeover from “HRM” to “Halifax”, I had to include the entire area, didn’t I?

So I asked notable people in different areas to suggest their favourite local milkshake hangout. When it came to Dartmouth, I felt as if I had to ask Dartmouth Kate:

John's LunchI was intrigued by this suggestion. I had heard of the fantastic fish & chips at John’s Lunch, but I hadn’t yet had the pleasure of trying them. Could it be possible to have both the best fish & chips AND the best milkshake in Halifax??

Kate suggested that we actually meet each other while finding out. So we met on a grey, Sunday afternoon and immediately ordered up a couple of milkshakes. I went for vanilla, she went for the strawberry.

Dartmouth Kate!

Here is how the milkshake ranking is broken down for John’s Lunch:


Some people like thin shakes. I, for one, prefer a thicker shake. John’s Lunch has something that’s probably more in the middle ground, which works for them because they end up pleasing both sides! The shake certainly wasn’t as thick as the COWS shake I had, but it wasn’t the milky substance I had at my first stop.

Final score: 6/10


John's LunchI keep saying it because it’s true: If you can’t perfect a vanilla milkshake, then the rest of your shakes aren’t going to measure up. Thankfully, the flavour in my vanilla shake was really good. In fact, it was good enough that it justified a purchase of a chocolate shake just to make sure the flavour was there.

The chocolate shake was not only tasty, but it was probably the best chocolate shake I’d had in a very long time. Kudos, John’s Lunch…you definitely brought it in the flavour department.

Final score: 8/10


I don’t know if I’ll ever find a price as super-low as The Westcliff’s $2.25, but I was pretty darn happy with paying $3.25 for these milkshakes. Great price for a great shake!

Final score: 8/10


My third attempt at finding Halifax’s best milkshake ended up with a score of 22/30…the best score yet! I love that I found this place, too. I mean, only one or two people had mentioned John’s Lunch, but it’s exactly the type of place I was hoping to discover; a small, locally-owned and operated location that a lot of people may not necessarily know about. Thankfully, I know about them now and so do you! And since the milkshakes there were so good, I can’t wait to go back sometime to check out those fish & chips.


If you’d like to find out more on John’s Lunch, you can find them at the following:

John’s Lunch Website

John’s Lunch reviews on Yelp


Great Halifax Milkshake Search

The Great Halifax Milkshake Search – Cows

COWSAfter being bombarded with numerous milkshake suggestions (thanks, everyone!), I decided to try a shake from a location that seemed a bit unusual: Cows.

Wait…Cows does milkshakes?

See what they did there?

Anyway, I say “unusual location” for a milkshake because Cows is known for three things: their ice cream, their waffle cones, & their merchandise. I’m pretty sure that anybody who has walked along the Halifax Waterfront and happened to be close by can tell you just how incredible the smell is that emanates from their store.

So I said, “What the heck?” and swung on down to give their milkshakes a shot. Once I arrived and ordered my shake, I was told that they may not have enough milk for one. Then they said they did, but where it was only 7pm I was a little surprised that they had run out of milk. Maybe their milkshakes were super-duper popular and I had no idea!

Here is how the milkshake ranking is broken down for Cows:


Take a good look at this picture.


That, my friends, is a straw standing up near the top of the milkshake. This is a THICK milkshake. I was really surprised, too, because they seemed to be mixing it longer than the needed to. Now, it wasn’t “McDonalds thick”…but that’s not really a homemade milkshake, now is it?

Final score: 9/10


Unfortunately, this category is where I was left feeling a bit flat. As much as I love Cows ice cream (and I do!!), I thought the flavour in their vanilla shake was a bit…meh. To me, the vanilla milkshake is the standard by which all other flavours are compared. This vanilla shake hardly had any vanilla taste to it. It was just a cold, thick milkshake. It wasn’t bad by any stretch…it was just “there”. Perhaps more obscure flavours of ice cream would provide more unique taste sensations, but I’m not looking for an ice cream to mask the milkshake itself (if that makes any sense).

Final score: 5/10


I realize that paying $5 for a milkshake is probably the normal price I’ll be paying while doing this search. Still…this hurts…



Final score: 4/10


My second attempt at finding Halifax’s best milkshake ended up with a score of 18/30. I’m starting to feel like I’m doing something wrong with this search. Maybe I’m being too harsh? Maybe my expectations are too high? Or maybe I simply haven’t found the best milkshake in the city yet?

I guess I’m going to have to hit-up the current “Best Milkshake” in Halifax as voted by the readers of The Coast in order to find out!


If you’d like to find out more on Cows, you can find them at the following:

Cows Website





Great Halifax Milkshake Search

The Great Halifax Milkshake Search – Westcliff

WestcliffSimply on the lookout for a good milkshake in my neighbourhood, I tweeted out a request asking for suggestions on where I could find a great, homemade milkshake. One of the first responses I received was the Westcliff, which is on the corner of Bayers Road and Oxford Street.

I pass by the Westcliff on a daily basis so I am familiar with the location. But I’ll be honest…I had never really considered going inside and wasn’t even sure what to expect from the location. The exterior doesn’t exactly scream out “inviting” to me. Since I, of all people, know that looks can be deceiving, I picked up my tail and proceeded to swing on in.

WestcliffThe first thing I noticed was that this was a very small diner. I thought, however, that this is exactly the type of hidden gem that I was looking for. I let the lovely lady working the grill know that I was there for a vanilla and a chocolate milkshake because I heard that they were the best in the city. She seemed quite tickled at knowing they were recommended and proceeded to begin the milkshake process.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite turn out the way I was hoping it would. Here is how the milkshake ranking is broken down for the Westcliff:


Both milkshakes were blended WAY too much, resulting in a barely-thick vanilla shake and a chocolate shake that resembled chocolate milk. I was a little taken aback, especially in that I had read some very positive praise for their shakes. Could this have simply been a one-off mistake? Or do they simply go for a thinner milkshake? Either way, I can only give a score based on what I was given on this particular day.

Final score: 2/10


WestcliffThe flavour, though, was fantastic…at least in the vanilla one. If it had been thicker, it could have possibly been a perfect shake. The chocolate one, though, had a bit of an aftertaste that I admit I didn’t love. They definitely added a bit more to the shake than just ice cream and milk…so the score needs to reflect that.

Final score: 7/10


Honestly…the shakes are under $3.00 each. I don’t know if you can find a better price in the entire city.

Final score: 10/10


So my first attempt at finding Halifax’s best milkshake ended up with a score of 19/30. I was left slightly disappointed but also inspired to find something better. Can one find perfection in a milkshake? I don’t know, but I’m certainly going to have fun trying to find out!


If you’d like to find out more on the Westcliff Diner, you can find them on Facebook and read some of the reviews of their food on Yelp.

Great Halifax Milkshake Search

The Great Halifax Milkshake Search

Great Halifax Milkshake SearchAs I was swingin’ around from tree to tree on a hot, summer Saturday afternoon I had a craving for a milkshake. Not just a milkshake, though. I mean, no offense to the “big boys” out there, but I didn’t feel like the pre-mix versions that spit out of a machine at McDonald’s or Dairy Queen.

No…I wanted a REAL milkshake. REAL ice cream. REAL milk. REAL flavours. REAL GOOD.

So I’ve now made it my summer mission to go around the greater Halifax area and find the best milkshake in the city. In order to do this, there will be three categories that each location will be scored on: thickness, flavour, and value.

I’m not just doing this on my own, though…I’ll need YOUR HELP in order to complete this mission! Do you have a recommendation? Is there a small, independent location that you know of that makes incredible milkshakes but nobody knows about it yet? Is there a popular Halifax hotspot that is popular for a reason?

I will try to hit all of the recommendations before the end of the summer and let you know the results as we go along. I might gain a few pounds along the way that I’ll have to “swing off” over the next couple of months, but I think that this is important research that simply NEEDS to be done!!

This is going to be fun…